The water of the sea

In the vast expanses of ocean between the tropics and the equator, the water is as cold as ice, salty as seawater and at least two degrees Celsius above absolute zero.This is because it’s so cold that the water molecules are in a state of freezing.But in the deep ocean, this temperature is only one […]

Water purification

Why Louisville Water Spout Should be the Place to Drink It

FourFourtwo – Louisville, Kentucky, United States – FourFour Two – The water spout that is used by a family to drink their water.– Source: FourFour -Louisville,Kentucky,United States- 4Four Two-Louisville WaterSpout-Louisvillians love their spouts.That’s why the city is using its first-ever water spouts to bring fresh, clean drinking water to neighborhoods across the city.The spout is […]


How to make water with CO2

With the world’s oceans on the verge of becoming dangerously polluted by CO2, one of the first things most people do when they leave the house is take a quick shower.But water is not made by plants, so how do plants make water?The answer lies in the very water itself.Plants are a fascinating example of […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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