Water softener maker AHA launches water brand

Water softeners are a staple of any modern home, but a new company called AHA is taking a different approach: using a molecule of calcium carbonate to make the solution. 

AHA is hoping that by combining the two, it will provide more affordable water, especially in cities that are home to a growing population. 

“We’ve created a system that uses calcium carbonates as the catalyst, and this system is more affordable, which means more people are using water,” said Misha Avraham, vice president of product management for AHA.

“The key thing is that it doesn’t need to be expensive, which makes it great for people who want to live in cities.” 

The company says its system uses only 50% of the water used in existing water softener systems, and is much less toxic than the popular Ultramar, which has been linked to respiratory and liver problems. 

The calcium carbonated water softeners come in several different forms: a white, pink, and blue color. 

It is made by adding 50% water to calcium carbonic acid, and then adding sodium carbonate. 

Once the solution has been mixed with water, the sodium carbonates are released to form the softener. 

To get the calcium carbon dioxide out of the solution, AHA uses a water treatment plant that filters water through a filter that breaks up calcium carbonatite, releasing calcium carbonylates. 

In the future, Avraham hopes that AHA will sell the softeners as a liquid water softening solution, with the product made from a mixture of calcium and water.

“The more we do this, the better,” Avraham said. 

Water softener companies have been pushing for more affordable and environmentally friendly water for years.

AHA says that by making the softening more environmentally friendly, it can help cut down on the use of chemical fertilizers, as well as reduce pollution. 

Avraham is hopeful that the water softners will help reduce the water use in the United States. 

However, Aventsons company has not yet decided whether it will actually make the water available to consumers. 

According to Avraham and his team, the solution used in the water softerener is a form of sodium carbonatate that is not harmful to humans, but is very toxic for aquatic life. 

But Avraham says that Aha is still working out how to ensure that the softners don’t end up in water supplies that might be contaminated with harmful chemicals. 

There are already several types of water softened water softeners available, including Aqua-Soft, Aqua-Pure, and Aqua-Morph, but Avraham believes that the calcium-carbonated softeners will be the only type to reach consumers.

“We need to have a way to test the softened solutions,” he said.

“There is no testing, no testing protocol, so it’s really going to be up to consumers.” 

 Aha plans to open its first retail store in October, and says that it will be able to sell the products in the coming months. 

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