New water bottles to be sold online in Australia

A NSW council is considering whether to sell online the best water bottle in the country.

Key points:Water bottles are already available on store shelves in NSWThe ABC understands the council is exploring whether to introduce a local market to sell themThere is currently no local market in NSW for the water bottles, which are currently available on shelves in shops.

The NSW Council for Primary Industries (NSQI) said it is considering how to best sell the bottles on a national basis.

“We have a lot of water bottles out there that are not really suitable for people who don’t want to have water bottles in their home, that’s the way we see it,” NSW QI chief executive officer Mark Boulton said.

“That’s why we’re looking at what’s the best way to sell the water bottle.”

It’s going to be an issue, but the council’s got a long way to go to make sure it’s as good as the best we can.

“In the meantime, Mr Boulston said councils were looking at local markets where water bottles could be sold for $10 a bottle.

The council said it would need to find an alternative way of getting the water and sanitising supplies to the public, as well as getting them into schools and hospitals.”

Our concern is the local communities that are going to have to come into contact with it, we want them to be able to get it, get it clean, and have access to it,” Mr Bouton said, adding the council would be looking at the potential for the bottles to get into schools.”

The NSW Water and Waste Management Commission (WMC) is going to need to look at that.

“Mr BoulTON said councils should consider a “nationalised” water supply if they wanted to sell their water bottles online.”

If you’re a small city like us and you have a large city, you’re going to want to look into whether you want to buy a bottle that has been in a warehouse in the town,” he said.”

You might not be able, you might have to sell it in the community, but you can still make a profit, you can sell it online and you can make a reasonable profit, but it’s not a good option.”

Mr Huggins said water bottles were already available in the NSW market, but they were not as widely used as they could be.

“There’s been a lot more discussion about bottled water, so I think it’s a really good opportunity for us to be a part of that,” he told the ABC.”

We don’t have a problem with water bottles or any other form of bottled water.

Water bottles are available to purchase online.

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