Japans water bear water bottle and water bottle maker to be acquired by a Chinese company

Posted April 06, 2018 11:50:06A water bear company is set to become a major shareholder in an emerging water bottle manufacturer in Japan, according to the Financial Times.

Water Bear, based in China, has become a well-known name in Japan for producing water bottles and other products, and it plans to acquire Water Bear, which is based in Zhejiang province, in a deal worth about $10 billion, according the Financial Express.

The deal will be announced in Tokyo on Thursday, when Water Bear plans to launch its first water bottles at a public event, and its founder Zhang Wei will be there to announce it.

The water bear brand has been around since 2002, and in the last decade it has been acquired by three Chinese companies: Water Bear International Co., a subsidiary of China’s China Water Beverage Co., which is owned by the China National Group, and China’s Suning Group, which owns the China Water Bottling Corp. water bottle brand.

Water Bear had a market capitalization of around $1 billion in 2013.

In a separate announcement, the company said it will focus on its water bottles business and focus on China’s water industry, the Nikkei business daily reported.

Water bears are water bottles made from water bear urine, which contain no minerals, but are made from the urine of the water bear.

The company has become popular in China and overseas due to the urine-based products, which have become popular due to their water-absorbing qualities, and are also popular in Japan.

Water bear is a name used to describe a type of urine which contains little or no minerals.

It is often used to refer to urine produced by water bears, although it is used to reference the urine produced from any other type of animal, including human.

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