Water purification

Crystal Spring Water Fasting Is Not for Everyone

Crystal Spring, Wyoming is known for its crystal springs.

The area has some of the highest water rates in the world, but it is a water fasting event.

People who fast are not allowed to drink or eat, but are allowed to go outside and swim.

They must do so with a small amount of water and take breaks, which can last from five minutes to an hour.

“If you’re in the water, you don’t want to get in the pool,” said one woman, Crystal Spring resident Julie Loh.

She said that if people who are water fasting get sick or dehydrated, they have to be hospitalized.

Loh, who is one of several water fasting residents, said she had to be hospitalized for her husband, David, a former military man, who had diarrhea and was vomiting blood.

The couple had been drinking the crystal springs water every day for five days, Loh said.

It was very dangerous, Lohm said, adding that David had suffered severe kidney failure and was in a coma.

He was taken to the hospital on Sunday, where he died.

Crystal Spring Mayor Jeff Blevins said he’s not sure why David was sick, but that his family did not know.

I am very saddened by this tragedy.

My thoughts are with the family of David and the entire Crystal Spring community,” Blevin said in a statement.

David was a father of two, who worked in the oil field, Lohn said.

He had plans to retire, but his health declined, she said.

The Crystal Springs Water Festival runs until June 1, but water fasting is not permitted at all.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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