When water is not enough: A study of water scarcity in New Jersey

Water is one of the most precious resources we have.

If we do not get it, our children and grandchildren will die.

But we are not going to get it without making it available to everyone, no matter how old they are or how far they live from a water source.

A study published by the New Jersey Water Development Authority (NJWDA) last week found that more than one in four New Jersey households do not have access to adequate drinking water.

It also found that in rural communities, more than 20% of households lack access to at least one source of water.

In the urban areas, more people have access than in rural areas, the report found.

To solve the water scarcity problem, the NJWDA is looking at the ways we can improve the quality of our water supply.

It also aims to improve the supply of potable water and wastewater by increasing the amount of fresh water in municipal tap water supplies.

Water is one, and only one, of many resources we use to live our lives.

Water is our lifeblood.

It feeds our bodies and it is essential for our daily functions.

In New Jersey, the state has the highest rate of childhood obesity in the nation.

And there is a lack of healthy food and water.

According to the Food and Water Watch, the average New Jersey family needs to make an extra $12,000 a year just to survive.

The average New York family needs $24,000.

That is why we need to do more to get water to those who need it.

Water conservation is not just about the water we have in our taps.

Water conservation is about the quality and availability of our supply of fresh, clean drinking water as well as the quality, availability and affordability of potables and other other household items.

This means more people can afford to go to the grocery store.

It means they can afford healthy food.

It allows families to save money on their energy bills.

It makes it easier for people to get around.

If we do all of this, we can make our water systems more water-efficient and save billions of dollars a year.

We have to get back to basics.

Water is precious.

Water has been a part of our lives for thousands of years.

It is part of what makes us human.

The water crisis is happening.

And the solution is simple.

Get to the table.

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