What is water flushed for?

Water flushed for use in the homes and gardens of Irish Water customers will be treated to remove the chlorine that has leached into the water supply.

The move follows recent research showing that chlorine leaching into Irish Water’s water supply could lead to an increase in the number of cases of skin cancer.

The research was carried out by Dr Peter McNeill from the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine at the University of Limerick.

The University of Kilkenny said the results are a “significant step forward” in the treatment of the chlorine leach from the water system.

The Irish Water Department said the tests were conducted as part of the company’s water quality monitoring.

“It was the intention that all Irish Water water treatment plants would have their water treated to reduce the potential for the leaching of chlorine into the Irish Water system,” a spokesperson said.

“The Irish water industry is committed to ensuring our water is safe for drinking, bathing and irrigation.

The new test results indicate that water treated for chlorination is not as contaminated as previously thought.”

This means that Irish Water is removing chlorine from Irish Water treatment plants as quickly as possible.

“Read more:Water and waste treatment company, Oireachtas, to pay €1.7m to Irish Water in damages caseThe Department of Health said it was still looking into how the test results were obtained and was investigating the implications of the tests.”

We have received a letter of support from Irish Health and the Irish Environmental Protection Agency,” it said.

Irish Water has not yet provided a detailed breakdown of the water treatment plant’s treatment and disposal processes.

It said that the water would be disinfected before being sent to the water department for treatment.

The Department said it had conducted a review of its processes and procedures for water treatment, with an eye to ensuring the water is treated according to European guidelines.

The water will be disinfectated in accordance with the latest European guidelines and will be kept in its original condition.Read more

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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