Water purifier helps treat water poisoning, says doctor

Water purifiers are being used more and more in many countries.

The United States is the largest market, and the price tag is increasing.

The FDA said last year it planned to spend $3 billion on the devices, but that has since been slashed.

Water purifiers also have become more widespread, as a result of better technology and consumer demand, says Dr. Thomas B. Dyer, a professor of pediatrics at Yale School of Medicine.

In a recent study, he found that water purifiers in Germany were more effective than those in the United States.

“I don’t know if the FDA is aware of that,” he says.

“I think they would have liked to have had more data, but they are doing the best they can with what they have.”

The device also has some drawbacks, including potential for water contamination.

A common misconception is that the purifier removes all contaminants, including bacteria.

In reality, many bacteria are left in the water, and they can enter the drinking water and cause diarrhea, urinary tract infections, and other health problems.

Another problem is that, when water is treated with the purification, the water may not come out of the tank as clean as it could.

The EPA says water purification devices are the safest way to treat water.

In addition, they can reduce water pollution, including the amount of contaminants that leach from wastewater and sewage treatment plants, which have been found to pollute waterways.

The EPA also recommends that water filters be used with all water purifications.

Dr. Dader said the best solution is to use water filters in all water filtration systems, and that is not an option for some homes.

To see more stories from CNN Health on the importance of water purifying, visit CNN Health.

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