Louisiana’s brackish waters rise due to water shortages

NEW YORK (AP) Some of the state’s bracked water reservoirs are at a crisis point, with officials struggling to keep them from overflowing.

The state Department of Environmental Quality says it’s already tapped about 11.5 million acre-feet of water this year, a fraction of what’s needed.

Officials say the state is short almost 40 percent of the water it needs.

The agency says it will tap more this month and that water that was not tapped is being reclaimed.

The agency says the state could tap all the water from a dam at the western tip of the Lower Mississippi River, which supplies about 2 million people.

The Associated Press can’t independently verify the accuracy of the report.

But state officials say it’s based on data from the U.S. Geological Survey, which projects the amount of water in the lower Mississippi River will rise as the summer weather warms.

The report also says there’s no indication of the extent to which the state will be able to tap into the Missouri River, because there’s not enough water in it to meet the statewide needs.

The report doesn’t provide a projection of the amount the state can tap into other rivers.

Water department officials are trying to balance the state water needs with the demand on state infrastructure and that the water quality of the river is improving.

Officials said the river has more than doubled in size since the beginning of this year.

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