India’s sparkling water price hits record high

A sparkling water is a water with a mineral content that is often considered a luxury item.

This is why India’s water is priced at a record high.

But the price of sparkling water has been rising sharply, which has led to the water weight being a major cause of the increase.

According to a report by the Centre for Science and Environment, water weight has increased by over 40% from 2012 to 2015, and has increased 7,890% in the last five years.

The report said that the water content of a drinking water is calculated by its weight in grams, so a 1,000 gram bottle of water will have a weight of about 4.5 grams.

A 1,500 gram bottle will have an average weight of around 2.5 kilograms, while a 10,000 litre bottle will weigh around 1.2 kilograms.

The Centre for Economic Research (CEPR) said that this increased weight has led the price to jump from $1.85 per litre in 2012 to $2.30 in 2015.

This increased weight of the water has led some to complain that the price is too high.

A report by The Indian Express in November 2016 said that “sugar and mineral water are being sold at a premium.”

The report added that the cost of water has risen to $1 per litrel.

The price of water is also being inflated by the introduction of new chemicals, such as methyl chloride, which is now used in many other products.

The report also noted that India is not getting enough rainfall, leading to high levels of the heavy metal.

The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) said in a statement to NDTV that this has also led to “increased consumption of other precious metals, such lead and cadmium”.IBWA said that its members in India “want to buy less water”, and this is a common theme in India’s consumer society.