How to Find Water in Flint, Mich.

If you live in Flint and are thirsty, this article may help.

If you are struggling to find water in the city, this video might help.

A video by The Lad, a Michigan-based news service that aims to help those struggling to survive during the Flint water crisis, has a message for those who are struggling with their water:It’s not a water crisis.

It’s a survival crisis.

It’s an emergency that’s been brewing for the past two months and it’s only getting worse.

In the video, the narrator says the city is facing a crisis and it is a survival problem.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver is trying to help people in need by ordering more bottled water and water filters to be distributed to residents in the affected area.

Her order, which comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed by a group of Flint residents against the city in April, is being met with resistance.

People are trying to say it’s too late to do anything, and we’re not going to be able to help you, Weaver said.

It took months to build an emergency plan to deal with the crisis.

That plan included a massive injection of bottled water to save the city’s drinking water supply from a lead problem.

That plan was designed to protect people from the consequences of lead poisoning.

But after the city switched its water source from Detroit water to the Flint River in 2014, people in the Flint area started complaining of headaches, nausea, and other health problems.

It was a national story.

In April, Michigan Gov.

Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency in Flint to allow emergency workers to address the problem.

But people there, who have been exposed to lead for years, were angry that the city hadn’t done more to reduce lead exposure.

The city was under the jurisdiction of the state, but the state and federal governments had decided to take over the city and put it under the control of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

That was a mistake, and the state did not follow through on its promises to help residents.

The state was then forced to step in, but it was a slow process.

The mayor had a plan to fix the problem, and her plan was to give Flint residents more bottled drinking water and filter that water for people who were in need.

The city was supposed to provide water to residents by April 28.

But by the end of April, there were still about 100,000 people in Flint without water, with many in the water system not receiving water at all.

And many residents in Flint did not have water in their homes because they couldn’t afford it.

The lead contamination crisis in Flint is one of the biggest challenges facing Michigan, where more than 1 in 10 residents have elevated blood lead levels.

People have been drinking drinking water laced with lead for at least 10 years.

The lead in Flint water is 30 times more toxic than that in Flint River water.

The state was supposed a year ago to give people a water filter to reduce the amount of lead in their water.

The filter did not work.

People continued to have elevated levels of lead.

The filters were supposed to be installed in April.

But a few months later, they weren’t, so residents still had lead in the pipes and in the drinking water.

That prompted a lawsuit in which residents of Flint and others from other cities sued the city.

The lawsuit is still ongoing.

But the city agreed to provide bottled water.

It wasn’t until June, two months after Weaver ordered the filter, that Weaver gave the order to provide Flint residents with bottled water again.

“I am pleased that this decision has been made to provide residents with water, but I am concerned about how long the filter can last,” Weaver said in a statement.

The bottled water is meant to be used only as long as residents are using the filters, Weaver added.

She said the filter was not meant to last forever.

“The purpose of this product is to help ensure that Flint residents will continue to have access to clean drinking water, which is essential to the quality of life of residents in this city,” Weaver wrote in a letter to Flint residents.

I am very disappointed that we were not given more time to address this issue, she added.

It is now up to the governor to decide if he wants to provide additional water filters.

State officials said Friday they are still working to determine if that request will be approved.

It will take several weeks to get all of the filters in place, said Amy Wurster, the state’s director of water services.

Residents of Flint who need to have their water tested for lead can go to the city of Flint Health Center for testing.

There is a fee for that.

It could take months for the testing to be done, said John LaFollette, a spokesman for the city government.

That could take up to six months.

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