A water heater with a very short life

A water heaters that can break down within days.

The only real problem with water heatups is that they can take a lot of abuse.

The water heater manufacturer is now developing an improved version.

The company behind the new model is Deionized Water.

It claims the water heater will last longer than a conventional one.

The company says the water heating element will also last for up to 30,000 hours.

Deionization means the water molecules are deionized.

This means the molecules are broken down into hydrogen and oxygen.

Deions also means they’re more stable than a regular water heater.

The Deionize water heater features a new thermostat.

The new system is a mix of electronics, heating elements and a cooling system.

The cooling system is made of plastic and aluminum.

The water heater also features a “water break” feature, so when the water temperature rises, the water stops boiling.

This feature also works when the heater is running on a continuous cycle.

This is a new technology and one that we can’t yet test, but the new design will be available for a limited time.

Deonized Water also said the new water heater could be installed in homes as early as this summer.

It will be powered by a standard 120V DC power supply.

The heating element itself will be cooled by an in-built thermostatic system.

The deionization technology Deionizes water and cools the element.

Deonis water heater will be manufactured in China.