Which countries are getting the most tap water from the oil and gas industry?

The amount of tap water being pumped into Alberta from the Canadian oil and energy industry is growing fast, according to an environmental study released Wednesday.

The study, which analyzed data from the Alberta Department of Environment, found that Alberta was the province with the highest number of wells drilled in the oil sands.

The province’s largest, Marathon Petroleum’s Fort McMurray, has more than 10,000 wells, and the others in the region have fewer than 1,500.

The oil and natural gas industry in Alberta produces about one-third of Alberta’s output.

The industry also contributes about one third of the province’s electricity.

The government of Alberta, meanwhile, has made significant investments in water infrastructure and other infrastructure.

The research comes at a time when Alberta’s government is grappling with the effects of a recent oil spill that contaminated more than 40,000 litres of water.

Environment Canada has said it will conduct a full environmental assessment of the spill, and says it will send a report to the legislature by May 31.

The ministry has said that the spill will be handled as a civil matter and that there will be no criminal charges.

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