What you need to know about water-related bills

The Water Bill is due to go into effect in a few months.

The new rules will ensure that everyone pays the same amount for drinking water, whether you have a drinkable or not.

The Australian Capital Territory will also be the first state to have a water billing system, which means customers will have to pay the same price as they would for bottled water.

Under the legislation, customers will be able to switch off their taps in an emergency, if they feel their water is not safe.

You can find out more about water bills in the states, territories and Commonwealth below.

State water billsThe ACT, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia are all expected to introduce water billing rules by the end of the year.

In Queensland, consumers can switch off water at any time, but can only use the tap for one drinkable.

If you’re planning on using a water tap in the ACT or Queensland, you’ll need to pay for it.

This is a good news for customers who don’t want to pay a huge amount for water and want to conserve their water.

However, some residents of the ACT will be left out of the new water billing.

According to the State Water Board, the ACT government is expecting to be able a bill to be introduced in January or February.

However, the board also says there may be delays.

Some ACT residents will still have to fork out money for water to be delivered by a water company, which may mean they will need to wait until at least the end or early February to see a water bill.

Queensland has also announced it will introduce water bills.

As of November, water bills for the ACT would be about $2.90 a litre, which is about three times the amount charged for bottled waters in Queensland.

Water bills will also go into force in Queensland in early 2018.

States with a water-specific billing systemThe ACT has already introduced water billing, but the state’s laws are set to take effect in January 2018.

New South Wales will also introduce a water pricing system in 2019.

Victoria has already made water pricing changes.

Brisbane will introduce a new water pricing structure in 2020.

South Australia is set to introduce a system in 2021.

Wests Australia will introduce another water pricing model in 2022.

Tasmania is set in a water price system in 2020, while WA is set for water pricing in 2022, the Queensland Government said.

New South Carolina is also set to implement a water rate system.

More information about water pricingNew South Welsh Water is the only State Water Authority in Australia that provides water at market prices.

It is the state body that oversees water supply in South Australia and has the power to set water pricing.

Unlike other water authorities in the state, New South Wales does not regulate the water supply.

For a list of water authorities, check out our guide to water suppliers in the South Australian Government.

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