A Water Slide Is Actually a $150 Million Business

A lot of water slides are built by a company that takes its cues from the real thing.

And that’s what Denver-based Elevate Waterworks did with the $150 million Colorado River Waterpark.

And when the Colorado River is dry, that’s just how it is.

Elevate has installed thousands of water slide slides throughout the Colorado.

In 2015, it opened a second water park, with another 30 more to come.

Elevated was founded in 2009 by the same guys who built the original Colorado River park.

And it’s now a major business, with more than a dozen locations across the United States.

Now, the company is going public, raising $250 million from investors including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

(They’ll take it over after a few years.)

The new company’s first water park opened in 2016.

But the water park was built with the help of a handful of engineers and engineers who worked on the original park.

They designed and built the slides themselves, and they also hired a bunch of subcontractors and hired out the water slides.

That’s not exactly a lot of work, but the job involved a lot more.

It also involved a fair amount of money.

The park is $150,000 for the first one, with $20,000 added for the second.

It’s a little more expensive than it sounds.

It costs about $2 million to build and install a slide, and another $1 million to run it.

There are a lot fewer people involved, and the money doesn’t come from the government.

It comes from the private sector.

And the private market doesn’t make as much money.

It is much more expensive to build a slide than it is to operate one.

So, even if the park is profitable for the next five years, the money will come from private investors, not the government, according to Elevate’s website.

Elevation has raised $500 million so far.

That includes a $100 million seed round, and a $50 million round of financing.

The company is now worth $1.6 billion.

The Colorado River water park is still a work in progress.

There’s no way to know if the slides will be able to keep the Colorado open, which means that, as a water park that relies on visitors spending money to access the water, the park will eventually run out of water.

But, if you were to spend $2,000 to use one, you’re going to be able use the other.

And if you have a family, that money could be put towards something else.

And I guess that’s the whole idea behind this water park: The idea is to make sure people are able to enjoy it, but it’s also something that people are going to come back to again and again.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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