Water purification

‘A lot of work’ for city’s water program

The Greenville Water System has completed its final inspection of its water system.

Greenville’s water supply is not affected by the system’s latest repair.

“We have a very, very, good pipeline that we are operating,” Greenville City Manager David Hester told Recode in an interview.

“I think we have an excellent pipeline.

We are a very efficient system, but we are working on our system to make sure that the pipes and valves are good.”

Greenvillers were notified on Thursday that they needed to be more vigilant in the area of the piping and valves that handle the city’s 1,000 million gallons of water per day.

Hester said he expects that Greenville’s pipe and valves will be inspected again next week, though he was unable to specify the exact date.

He said that while he expects the city will have “a lot of problems,” he did not think the pipes or valves were broken.

The city is also working on a new system, called the North Carolina Water Improvement Plan, which will include a system of valves that will connect Greenville to other parts of the state.

In the meantime, Greenville is still awaiting the completion of the pipe and valve inspection, Hester said.

Recode’s Matt Apuzzo contributed to this report.

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