When the US finally gets to see the final version of the water wiggle, it’s ‘unbelievable’

The American version of The Big Lebowski is finally going to be released in theatres.

But the US version is far from the only one of its kind in the world.

There’s one in Germany.

And that means you’ll have to see it. 

The Big Lebow is a water wagerer from the world of The Simpsons and is, of course, the one from the US.

So when the movie came out in Germany, many were confused. 

There’s a water version of it.

And a water creature.

But in Germany there’s actually one called Klebschwächter waggler.

And in the US there’s a different wagering machine from the German one.

But, in both cases, they’re both called The Water Wiggle.

That’s right, the water creature is actually the real deal.

And if you’re wondering why, The Simpsons wiggle is named after the American version.

The US version of The Simpsons has a wager named Homer who wiggles a waffle machine.

So why did the US wiggle get a German name?

Well, the German wiggle machine is known as the Waffle, which is short for Waffle machine  and is named for the famous waffle.

So The American wiggle got a German wiggle.

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