Water damage restoration project underway in Brisbane’s north

Water damage and erosion caused by an industrial spill in the CBD has been restored.

Key points:The Brisbane City Council is restoring the riverfront with the help of the Queensland Government, and an industrial parkA plan is being developed to protect the river’s environmentA large portion of the river has been blocked and the riverbank is a wetlandA water tanker has been fitted to help restore the river and help prevent erosionThe Brisbane Riverbank, which was a major water supply point for Brisbane for over 70 years, has been cleared of vegetation and damaged by a water tanker.

The Brisbane Council and the Queensland Environment Department are restoring the Brisbane Riverfront, a major riverbank in Brisbane that had a significant environmental impact.

The Queensland Government’s Water Protection Authority (WPBA) is also working with the council and the WA Government on the project.

The project will involve the removal of a number of trees and vegetation along the Brisbane riverbank and a large portion is being restored to a wet and protected riverbank that was a water supply source for Brisbane.

The riverbank has been completely cleared, and the water tankers are fitted to assist with this work.

“We’ve been working in partnership with the Queensland Department of Environment and Water and the Water Protection Agency, the Queensland City Council and with the City of Brisbane and the State Government to restore the Brisbane City River,” Brisbane River Bank Board member, Paul Chant said.

“The project is progressing very quickly.”

The Brisbane Flood Watch Authority (BWFWA) is working with Brisbane City council to monitor and monitor the progress of the project, and to ensure the river does not become contaminated with water.

Mr Chant says the project is important because it will help restore Brisbane’s riverbank to a healthy state.

“I don’t think the river would be as good if we didn’t have that,” he said.”[The project] will provide us with the opportunity to get rid of some of the debris that’s been built on the river, and it’s a very exciting project.”

Brunswick River Park is the only recreation area in the city, but is open to the public.

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