Japan’s water storage tanks to open in July 2018

The Japan Times reports that the government will open the water storage tank in July to allow for the completion of a water supply line from the city of Odaiba, located in northern Japan, to a nearby water reservoir.

The tanks will be able to hold 1.5 million cubic meters of water, enough to supply the city for around a month.

The project is part of a nationwide plan to increase the capacity of water storage and provide it to cities and towns that lack access to it.

Odaibas reservoirs are the third largest in Japan and have proven to be more than enough for Japan to handle its drought situation.

However, the Japanese government is currently in the process of expanding the capacity, which will require the installation of new storage tanks.

It has already begun the construction of the new storage tank and is currently awaiting an environmental assessment to determine if the project is feasible.

The government has also set aside 1.8 billion yen ($19 million) to fund the construction and operation of the facility.