‘I love you’ in a moment of silence

A moment of quiet for the family of a boy who died after drinking a glass of water from a plastic bottle on a hot day at a water park in Dublin.

The boy was just five years old when he was taken by ambulance to hospital and later died in hospital, with a temperature of 46 degrees.

He died after spending hours on the floor of the same hospital after his father’s heart stopped.

His father, Peter Parett, said the boy’s death has been “devastating”.

“I am deeply sorry for the loss of my son and my family.

I am also deeply saddened that we have lost another young person, just like this one, in this tragic time,” he said.”

He was an incredibly caring, loving, funny, caring and compassionate young man.”

The park is in the area of the River Tweed and the boy was walking the course, which is part of a new development that was started in late 2014.

The park has now been given a green light and will soon open its doors to the public.

It was closed for six months due to an outbreak of coronavirus, but was reopened after the infection was contained.

“We are absolutely devastated to have lost one of our own.

We will be absolutely devastated and grateful for the support and love of the community,” Mr Paret said.

The father said he would continue to support the family and said he was going to be working as a community resource manager to help those affected by the virus.

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