How the Indian economy is going down the drain

The Indian economy has seen a sharp decline in recent years, with millions of Indians struggling to make ends meet amid the economic crisis that has seen the country fall into a recession and trigger a massive food riots.

A quarter of Indians are struggling to keep their heads above water, according to an Oxfam report published in February.

Nearly one in five Indians, about 18 million people, are living in extreme poverty.

About 30% of India’s population, about 12 million people in total, are undernourished.

The crisis has left millions of people, particularly the middle class, with little to eat.

A lack of jobs, high inflation and rising prices for basic goods, such as milk and rice, have all contributed to an exodus of middle class households.

A growing number of rural Indians are finding it hard to make a living, particularly in rural areas.

According to the government’s latest census, 1.2 million rural Indians live in extreme food insecurity.

That compares to about 1.6 million rural households.

India has been hit hard by the food crisis, with farmers losing their land, factories closing down and power plants shutting down.

Over 2 million people have died from hunger since January.

More than 200 million people are living under the poverty line, which is often defined as a poverty level of less than $2.25 per day, according the World Bank.

More than 70% of the country’s population live below the poverty level.

The Indian economy depends heavily on agriculture, which accounts for roughly half of its GDP.

The country’s farmers are being left with no choice but to abandon their livelihoods to save on food, Oxfam said in its report.

According to Oxfam, India’s agricultural sector accounts for a third of India, but only one-fifth of the world’s, due to the country being heavily dependent on the agricultural sector.

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