When the weather’s bad, water-wise, here are the best places to drink

By Andrew Bacevich and Kevin R. DowdThe Weather Channel’s website,, has updated its water-saving guide for 2016, and the results are quite the surprise.

The Weather Channel says the best times to drink water this year have all been marked on the map below, with the locations on the left and the map on the right.

Water is a critical resource for life, and for some, that means having a place to get it.

But in many cases, drinking water isn’t as important as getting it.

The best places for water in 2016 are the cities with a large population, according to the Weather Channel.

Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and San Diego all ranked in the top 20.

Water is an essential element of life in cities, especially in hot and humid weather, and it’s often difficult to find.

But many cities offer some sort of water vending machine to help people save water.

The weather map above shows the locations of all the locations in the U.S. where people can purchase water from vending machines.

If you’re a Chicagoan and can’t make it to the vending machine, you can always get your water from the tap.

You’ll have to pay for the water, which is free, but it’s a great way to keep your water usage down.

Water can be a great thing, but so is eating healthy, exercising and being active.

The best places where to drink and where to eat the best are highlighted in the map above.

For a complete list of the top 50 best places in the United States for water, visit the Water-saving Guide 2016.

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