Water in Washington: Heavy water could be the answer to drought

Heavy water in Washington could be a solution to Washington’s drought, according to a new report from The Washington Times.

The state has been struggling with heavy rainfall for weeks, with nearly 2 inches falling in the past two days alone.

Water officials estimate the rain to be as much as 8 feet below normal, which would be enough to raise concerns about a potential water shortage in some areas.

The water is also expected to be in the state’s lakes and rivers.

But the problem is that heavy water is already being pumped into Washington state and the federal government’s drought relief program.

The report estimates that Washington could use as much of its water as it needs, but that the federal program would be able to use just under half of it.

“Heavy water could also provide some relief, particularly in the Northwest, but it is not enough,” said Matthew Kowalski, the report’s author.

The drought relief fund was created to help states recover from the devastating drought, but lawmakers are still considering whether to extend the program beyond 2017.

Washington Gov.

Jay Inslee and other leaders have been pushing for Congress to extend water relief in the drought, and the governor’s office announced Thursday that the state will ask Congress for an extension in 2018.

The White House is also urging Congress to keep the water relief program in place.

In addition to the federal aid, Washington also has the option of drawing on federal disaster aid for drought relief, which is a way for states to take advantage of the federal funds for their water supplies.

The aid also allows states to create drought relief plans.

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